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Recent Number Comments


Said there was a matter under review and if I didn't call back he was going to to have me arrested.

May 30, 10:12 pm  


Automated scam on student loans

June 4, 4:35 pm  


April Starks texted my 9-year old daughter with a link to a CBD oil website. I've never heard of this person, nor is anyone here interested in CBD oil. Scammer!

June 17, 4:53 pm  


No message left

May 15, 9:52 pm  


He told me something about selling my property and I didn’t say anything at all!

July 3, 11:41 pm  


Hijacked my Amazon Account, ordered a $200 gift card, charged to my Amazon cc, but had not yet processed. I received a confirmation email and text from Amazon. I immediately contacted Amazon, and they quickly processed the cancellation, as well as reset pw and a secondary authentication.

July 6, 7:04 am  


Looking for my cuzin in-law she is intoxicated .

February 18, 5:27 am  


Scam call saying their is fraud involved with my credit card..

July 10, 10:53 pm