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Recent Number Comments


This number is being used to cyber stalk me, cyber bullying, death threats, using profanity of the worst kind, racist comments, and racial slurs of the worst kind. Putting fear in my chest of Biker Clubs and Gangs. Every thing is in the hands of Law Enforcement.

May 29, 9:24 pm  


Called twice, no message left on voicemail

June 17, 9:29 pm  


Claims to be Medicare. Offering free braces like knee braces, ankle braces.... Medicare does not call!

November 7, 9:05 pm  


Caller ID show "ACANCER COUNCIL" (sic, as written). Looking up that number shows Freeport, TX and individual(s) name, not what Caller ID shows.

November 8, 6:06 pm  


A real person asked for my husband by name. I said he wasn't available, and the man said "we'll call back" and promptly hung up.

May 30, 2:53 pm  


Recording saying that it was the IRS and that a mistake was made on my taxes and that I was running from the IRS.

March 1, 3:05 pm