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Recent Number Comments


Recording called and stated I committed fraud and didn't respond to their request and a federal lawsuit has been filed against me. Definitely a scam call!

November 30, 2:30 am  


keep calling bu changing number/scammer

March 20, 9:32 pm  


They call me all the time threatening to sue me if I don't call them back. Who is this???

December 10, 11:16 pm  


Automated Visa, MC, Discover call

July 8, 4:15 pm  


Caller asked for me by name. When I said yes. They hung up. May have recorded my answer.

August 27, 6:46 pm  


Call was a scam. Caller said “ Hi Grandad, how ya doin” ( I don't have a grandson). He said that he was involved in a car accident in New York and had been arrested. He wanted money for bail. I hung up.

March 8, 2:32 pm