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Recent Number Comments


Scam! Don't let them into your computer remotely or give them your credit card number!

November 18, 3:39 am  


Person was there but did not speak or answer for several moments,

June 7, 5:31 pm  


Keeps calling my cell for days but I won't answer, they don't leave a message. I tried to answer today when they called, but as soon as I answered, they hung up! Frustrating!

January 20, 1:11 am  


I recived a call from 514-895-4285. I missed it. Unfortynately, it again was a spam call from a Pedlar speaking a strange language (like japonese...). When this kind of phone call will stop? Incredible that in 2018, we receive again some stupid calls! Hey you! Go find a real job and stop to disturb the honest persons who working to win their life.

August 27, 4:59 pm  


seemed to be a robocall...no message was left

July 3, 3:33 pm  


just called me again left no message...has no manners...called twice within an hour

June 17, 4:55 pm