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This is a scammer operates the website thc-thehumboldtconnection.org if you order from him he will call and demand more money and make up some lies that his courier was arrested and to stay out of trouble you need to pay, then if you refuse he says he will use your id card to do identity theft his name is Smokey Greene....

January 18, 8:09 pm  


Kimberly j sams

June 17, 4:50 pm  


Credit card offer scam. Probably an FX redirect to a local point of presence on a T-Mobile Salt Lake City number. Violated federal Do Not Call list, when asked for company name and address, caller left line open with dead air, then began speaking in a language that sounded like Arabic.

February 12, 7:08 pm  


Scam! Don't call back

July 11, 11:58 pm  


Recorded information says to call back because I’ve been in criminal activity. False!!!

August 8, 4:09 pm  


Automated call about lower interest rates.

March 7, 3:51 pm  


Called 2:29 am No Message Left

October 19, 8:16 pm  


GG it's me whats your address

December 14, 3:20 pm