NPA - 478 (Georgia)

The 478 area code is part of geographic numbering plan area that includes Georgia.

There are a few special area codes with the last two digits 422 match, these are known as easily recognizable codes (ERCs). The 8xx set of numbers are reserved for toll-free services and communication.

Georgia (USA)

Founded in 1733 as a British colony, Georgia was the last and southernmost of the original Thirteen Colonies to be established. The state is bordered by Tennessee, the Carolinas, Alabama, Florida to the south and the Atlantic Ocean. The estimated population was 10,617,423 in 2019 making it the 8th most populated.


Atlanta is the largest and capital city for the state. It is rated as a beta+ world city by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network (GaWC) that exerts a moderate impact on global commerce. Atlanta's economy is considered diverse, with dominant sectors that include aerospace, transportation, logistics, professional and business services.

Atlanta has a dynamic, distinctly Southern, culture. This is due to a large population of migrants from other parts of the U.S. This unique cultural combination reveals itself in the arts district of Midtown, the quirky neighbourhoods on the city's eastside, and the multi-ethnic enclaves found along Buford Highway.
There are also a large variety of universities and colleges in the city including the University of Georgia and Georgia State University.

478-216 - (Macon, Georgia)

478-228 - (Macon, Georgia)

478-240 - (Macon, Georgia)

478-252 - (Macon, Georgia)

478-264 - (Macon, Georgia)

478-288 - (Macon, Georgia)

478-300 - (Macon, Georgia)

478-324 - (Macon, Georgia)

478-336 - (Macon, Georgia)

478-348 - (Macon, Georgia)

478-396 - (Macon, Georgia)

478-420 - (Macon, Georgia)

478-444 - (Macon, Georgia)

478-456 - (Macon, Georgia)

478-528 - (Macon, Georgia)

478-552 - (Macon, Georgia)

478-588 - (Macon, Georgia)

478-636 - (Macon, Georgia)

478-672 - (Macon, Georgia)

478-696 - (Macon, Georgia)

478-744 - (Macon, Georgia)

478-804 - (Macon, Georgia)

478-864 - (Macon, Georgia)

478-888 - (Macon, Georgia)

478-936 - (Macon, Georgia)

478-960 - (Macon, Georgia)

478-972 - (Macon, Georgia)

478-984 - (Macon, Georgia)