NPA-NXX - 701-872

This is the 701-872 subcode (NPA-NXX) prefix page. Follow a prefix to find the number you are looking for. We divide our pages up to make them more user friendly to navigate!

The 701-872 subcode mainly covers Beach in Golden Valley county. But other numbers maybe included as well.

We have a database of information derived from the public phone records of North Dakota state. Many of the numbers in this subcode are Regular Landline registered to Midstate Communications. We hear they employ a large number of people in the North Dakota office.
Recently there have been an increase in reported calls, we've had over 1680 comments across our systems for the 701-872 subcode.

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864-403-9846 817-583-8930 845-557-9779 205-319-7908 740-334-2391
424-228-5801 301-780-2975 760-821-4613 419-628-5823 424-365-6449