NPA - 980 (North Carolina)

The 980 area code is part of geographic numbering plan area that includes North Carolina.

There are a few special area codes with the last two digits 422 match, these are known as easily recognizable codes (ERCs). The 8xx set of numbers are reserved for toll-free services and communication.

North Carolina

North Carolina, which was at one time combined with South Carolina to form a single territory, was one of the original 13 colonies and became the 12th state in 1789. North Carolina is named in honor of King Charles I of England who first formed the English colony, with Carolus being Latin for "Charles”.

The terrain of North Carolina is among the wettest in the country, with vast marshlands in the coastal tidewater area and numerous lakes in the Piedmont and Appalachian regions. North Carolina's economy is experiencing a shift away from tobacco, furniture and textiles to knowledge-based enterprises such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences. The state was ranked third best state for business in 2010 by Forbes magazine. 

North Carolina has traditions in art, music, and cuisine. The nonprofit arts and culture industry generates $1.2 billion in direct economic activity in North Carolina, supporting more than 43,600 full-time equivalent jobs and generating $119 million in revenue for local governments and the state of North Carolina.

Vernon Rudolph founded Krispy Kreme in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and produced the first Krispy Kreme doughnuts on July 13, 1937. The first Krispy Kreme store was located on South Main Street in Winston-Salem in what is now called historic Old Salem.

980-216 - (Charlotte, North Carolina)

980-228 - (Charlotte, North Carolina)

980-288 - (Charlotte, North Carolina)

980-312 - (Charlotte, North Carolina)

980-348 - (Charlotte, North Carolina)

980-432 - (Charlotte, North Carolina)

980-444 - (Charlotte, North Carolina)

980-552 - (Charlotte, North Carolina)

980-636 - (Charlotte, North Carolina)

980-888 - (Charlotte, North Carolina)

980-960 - (Charlotte, North Carolina)