NPA-NXX - 201-982

This is the 201-982 subcode (NPA-NXX) prefix page. Follow a prefix to find the number you are looking for. We divide our pages up to make them more user friendly to navigate!

The 201-982 subcode mainly covers Hackensack in Bergen county. But other numbers maybe included as well.

We have a database of information derived from the public phone records of New Jersey state. Many of the numbers in this subcode are Cellular (Dedicated) registered to T-mobile. We hear they employ a large number of people in the New Jersey office.
Recently there have been an increase in reported calls, we've had over 905116 comments across our systems for the 201-982 subcode.

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336-283-3080 808-672-9594 507-922-6227 484-650-1708 936-236-2663
662-216-5704 512-348-7418 559-780-2130 918-426-8623 413-458-6671