NPA - 539 (Oklahoma)

The 539 area code is part of geographic numbering plan area that includes Oklahoma.

There are a few special area codes with the last two digits 422 match, these are known as easily recognizable codes (ERCs). The 8xx set of numbers are reserved for toll-free services and communication.


Oklahoma is a state in the South Central region of the United States and is divided into six regions. Oklahoma City is a modern metropolis that's still rich with cowboy culture. Oklahoma City is known as the “Horse Show Capital of the World” with more national and international equine championships and events than any other city in the world. Watch real life cowboys and cowgirls rope, ride and wrangle their way to the winners circle at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds throughout the year. Not only do Oklahoma City horse shows provide family fun entertainment, they make a substantial contribution to the city's economy. Total estimated economic impact of all Oklahoma City horse shows exceeds $126.5 million each year.

Oklahoma means "Land of the Red People" in the Choctaw language, and more than 39 tribal nations call Oklahoma home. With hundreds of man-made lakes, state parks, casinos, museums and nightlife and dining opportunities in revitalized downtown areas in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Some of the state’s most popular lakes include Broken Bow Lake located near the Quachita Mountains; Grand Lake in the northeastern corner of the state at the foothills of the Ozark Mountains and Lake Murray in the hills in the southern part of the state.
Most lakes were made for flood control, water supply, recreation, fish, wildlife, and/or hydroelectric power. The major lakes in Oklahoma have been constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, and the Grand River Dam Authority. The only natural lakes in Oklahoma are a series of oxbow and playa lakes.

Visit Oklahoma!

During the autumn, the forests of Oklahoma glow with color as the leaves change vibrant shades of red, orange and yellow, mingling with the state’s many evergreens. Here are some of the best places to see the brilliant foliage. Talimena National Scenic Bryway, sage Hills State Park, Boiling Springs State Park and Robbers Cave State Park.

539-444 - (Muldrow, Oklahoma)

539-888 - (Muldrow, Oklahoma)