NPA - 825 (Alberta)

The 825 area code is part of geographic numbering plan area that includes Alberta.

There are a few special area codes with the last two digits 422 match, these are known as easily recognizable codes (ERCs). The 8xx set of numbers are reserved for toll-free services and communication.

Alberta is a province of Canada, between British Columbia and Saskatchewan to the east. Despite the seas surrounding Canada, Alberta is one of the only 3 landlocked regions. Alberta's capital, Edmonton, is near the geographic centre of the province and is the primary supply hub for Canada's crude oil and gas industry.

The other major city in Alberta is Calgary, famous for hosting the 1988 Winter Olympics. This had a wide range of sports including bobsleigh, luge, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, downhill skiing, snowboarding, and many others.

The Winter Olympics

The games were opened with the parade of nations, the release of 1,000 homing pigeons, aerial displays by the air force and various musical performances. The event was watched by an estimated 1.5 billion people, including Queen Elizabeth II.

The weather for the event was a major issue and caused all sorts of disruption as strong chinook winds brought daily temperatures as high as 17 °C (63 °F). This had a significant impact on the outdoor events with many delayed and deemed unsafe. The organisers had to use artificial snow making equipment for the first time in Winter Olympic history.

The event was also the first time Jamaica competed in the Winter Olympics, made famous in the film Cool Runnings that followed the bobsleigh team.